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REQUIRED $ $ Sunday $ $ Tuesday $ $ Services Provided: Monday $ $ Wednesday $ $ Thursday $ $ Friday $ $ Saturday $ Date: / / 18069 For additional forms, go to our website: bankers.com (9/10) Claimant
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Today I will show you how to fill out a daily log sheet this is a standard blank daily lock she looks like you will fill out of the appropriate field starting with a date your company name your company's home main office its home or where you station the vehicle your truck number or license plate and you trade a number or license plate you will also sign this document that is prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation you will also know if you have or you do not have a co-driver you will notice that there is four numbers on the left of your lock daily - sheet one is for off-duty one will be for sleeper berth the other for driving and the other one when you will be on duty but not driving the vehicle on this example that we will start today you will be doing a trip to Fresno California with your daily manifest number that's been given to you for the day on the bottom left-hand corner you will start to fill out your daily log sheet as you start off at midnight you will bring it in a straight line to 6:00 a.m. which is the time that you will begin and you will bring it down to the middle of the square where it says on duty not driving as we begin our day we will perform a pre trip inspection in Long Beach California in order to make sure that the vehicles and proper standards with the primary transportation will mark the first half an hour which is the time that it took us to perform the pre trip living move it up onto driving and then we will drive for four and a half hours and stop and then bring it back down to undo T not driving which is a time at 11 o'clock that we arrive to Fresno Calif or for our example it has taken them an hour to unload your truck or trailer and you will be driving back now you will put at the very bottom of the sheet where you started from in where you went to you started in Long Beach California and you stopped and you will be doing your turnaround in Fresno California you have arrived to Long Beach at 4:30 which is where you will stop your line from driving you will perform a poor trip inspection back in Long Beach California in order to close out your day you will mark your half an hour for your post trip inspection you will then send it the line back up from on duty on to off-duty and then stretch the line all the way to 12 of 12 a.m. once closed you will post your trip hours onto the right-hand column that says total hours adding up the squares for each line you will then to your log sheet around and notice that in the back of it is your respective report you will put in your truck and trailer number you trigger a track the number and the total miles that you have today now that you have stopped you have cited out the bottom noting that the condition of the above vehicle was satisfactory and the only thing you will need to close out the day is the total mouth driving today which is the 484 miles at the top which is the difference between the 12345...
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